Just Planes - FAQ

Burning Discs

How do I burn a DVD?

Make sure the content is fully downloaded and a new, premium brand, single-layer (4.7 GB) DVD-R or DVD+R recordable disc is in your drive. Select the title you want to burn and click on the Burn option on the right side of the Flux Player.

Please note that you can only burn DVDs on Microsoft Windows-based systems with a DVD recording drive attached. Only standard definition (SD) video can be burned to DVD and only if permitted by the license purchased.

Can I use DVD-RW or DVD+RW discs?

No. You should only use premium quality, single-layer (4.7 GB) DVD-R or DVD+R discs.

Can I burn a disc of the HD videos?

No. Burning discs is only available for SD (DVD) videos.


Technical Questions

The video I purchased does not show in the Flux Player? What should I do?

Below are a few things to try in order:

  1. Make certain you have "Recent" selected at the top of the left-side panel of the player (Mac and Windows) or bottom on mobile devices.
  2. Check that "Active Content" or "All Content" is selected at the bottom of the left-side panel of the player (Mac and Windows) or tap Downloads to access this option on mobile devices..
  3. Quit the player and restart the player.
  4. Hold down theControl key and choose Account>Update Content to force the content update (Windows or Mac only)
  5. Choose Account>Deauthorize this computer, quit the player, and sign-in again.

If you still cannot see your video and you are certain you have not ordered the video under a different email address, choose Help>Contact Support from the player menu and submit a support request. Please note what video is missing in  the request.

I have purchased under two different emails? What can I do to see all the videos?

Only one account can be used. Contact support@flickrocket.com and ask that your emails be merged into one account. It is important that you list both emails and indicate which email should be used. The other email will not longer work after the merge.