Jetairfly E-190 "Short Runway" (DVD)

Jetairfly E-190 "Short Runway" (DVD)
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Year: 2015
Genre(s): Documentary
Studio(s): Just Planes
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 199 minutes

Size: 2.6 GB
 US$ 30.00 Download to own, Unlimited viewing, 1 burn to DVD


The wonderful cooperation between Jetairfly and Just Planes started in 2007. In the past 8 years we've filmed the airlines Fokker 100, Boeing 737, Boeing 767 and Boeing 787. This time we feature the Embraer 190 with 3 aircraft in the fleet. This newest program focuses on the Short Runway Operation at the airline's newest regional airport in Antwerp.

We're delighted to have the Embraer Chief Pilot hosting this program. He explains how the Antwerp operation works with only qualified pilots who are specifically trained able to do the takeoffs and landings at this airport. He also goes into details about how the flights are prepared and executed and talks about the Embraer and the use Jetairfly is getting out of this great aircraft!

+ Cockpit filming using 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing! 
+ Pilot Presentations
+ Briefings & Checklists 
+ Cockpit set-up
+ Cockpit Presentations
+ External Walkaround
+ Departure & Arrival charts & briefings
+ Presentation on the Embraer
+ Short Runway Operations
+ Great Scenery

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