Gulf Air A321 & A330 (DVD)

Gulf Air A321 & A330 (DVD)
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Year: 2015
Genre(s): Documentary
Studio(s): Just Planes
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 274 minutes

Size: 3.1 GB
 US$ 30.00 Download to own, Unlimited viewing, 1 burn to DVD


Just Planes is delighted to welcome Gulf Air, 258th airline in our series, as it celebrates 65 years of service currently operating to close to 50 destinations around the world. You are getting a program that is over 4 and a half hours long and features the Airbus A320 on the Frankfurt route, the Airbus A321 on the Cairo route and the Airbus A330 on the London Heathrow & Manila routes. Each is crewed by chief pilots to go above and beyond to explain and present everything in details to you plus amazing views of Bahrain and the world on this program!

+ Cockpit filming using 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!
+ Company Presentation
+ Pilot Presentations
+ Briefings & Checklists
+ Cockpit set-up
+ Cockpit Presentations of A321 & A330
+ External Walkaround
+ Fantastic scenery
+ Full autoland performed for you to see how the airplane performs this landing!
+ Fantastic detour to view the pyramids by special permit of Cairo Air Traffic Control!
+ Visit of the Gulf Aviation Academy where Gulf Air and many other airlines train their crews

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