AeroMexico 737MAX

AeroMexico 737MAX
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Year: 2018
Genre(s): Aviation , Documentary , Airline , Cockpit
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 260 minutes

Size (HD): 3.5 GB

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Just Planes continues its AeroMexico series wiith a 5th program of the countries national carrier on its newest aquisition, the 737MAX. For this film we selected a longer international route flying into Bogota Colombia and a shorter domestic sector to Monterrey where low visibility and a low ceiling allowed us to capture a Go-Around/Missed Approach, always something interesting to cover. Lots of nice scenery and a look at the new very modern cockpit of the Boeing 737.

+ 1st film of the 737MAX!
+ Cockpit filming using 6 cameras
+ Flight Preparations
+ Cockpit Set-up
+ Cockpit Presentation
+ Briefings
+ Checklists
+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts
+ Differences between 737NG and 737MAX
+ Great scenery
+ Go-Around/Missed Approach!

Flight Information
A/CRegFlightRouteFlt Time Destinations



AM 761

AM 762





MEX Mexico City, MEXICO




AM 902

AM 915





MEX Mexico City, MEXICO

MTY Monterrey, MEXICO

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An important documentary of the MAX's early service days.

The first chapter of this film the commander states it's his first flight on the type. So does the F/O. That's a demonstration of what Boeing achieved with this aircraft - essentially familiar to those crews on the NG series, and evidently it causes them no difficulty at all.

The other star of the video is the weather. You get a couple of avoidance moves around weather, and a totally gripping go-around with the lights visible *just* as the commander starts the missed approach.

With all the controversy around the MAX after this was made its great to see it doing its thing on some interesting routes with crews that clearly enjoy flying it.