Air Canada 767-300 (DVD)

Air Canada 767-300 (DVD)
  • (34)
Year: 2012
Genre(s): Aviation , Documentary , Airline , Cockpit
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 278 minutes

Size: 3.7 GB
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In 2009 our first Air Canada program featured the 767-300 on a flight to South America. Now 4 years and 10 programs later we return to the 767 so we can cover this airplane in Hi-Definition on Blu-ray along with cover our 1st ever cockpit flight to Hawaii! In addition we've included a flight to one of the world's favorite destinations : St Maarten! Both Captains, which includes Air Canada's 767 Fleet Manager, along with their copilots will give you the most fantastic presentations from the moment they arrive in the office to prepare their flights to the moment their aircraft reaches the gate at the other end. Everything is explained to you in details so you can have a perfect idea of what it takes to fly a widebody over the Atlantic and the Pacific! You will enjoy approaches into several destinations filmed from fantastic angles showing both the pilots at work and the amazing scenery.

+ Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for fantastic views on takeoff & landing!
+ Preflight Preparations
+ Briefings & Checklists
+ Cockpit Presentation
+ ETOPS Presentation
+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts
+ Cabin service
+ Great scenery during approaches and en route in flight

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B767-300 C-FMWU AC 1244 YYZ-SXM 4h17



B767-300 C-GDUZ AC 1245 SXM-YYZ 4H28



B767-300 C-GHPE AC 043 YYC-OGG 6h22


OGG Kahului - Maui, USA

B767-300 C-GHPN AC 058 OGG-YVR 5h10

OGG Kahului - Maui, USA

YVR Vancouver, CANADA

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Great content, mediocre quality.

A terrific DVD if you've ever wanted a flightdeck-view of what it's like flying into two popular vacation destinations! Really neat to see what your flight crew does to get us safely to those sunny locations. Because flights to and from the Caribbean and Hawai'i are largely overwater, and hence not a lot of ground scenery enroute, this DVD focuses quite a bit on flight planning and cockpit presentations. That said, there are some really great approach, landing, and departure segments which make the DVD a worthwhile purchase.
However: the downloaded program's video quality is mediocre at best; not as good as the other Just Planes DVD's in our collection, and nowhere near Blu-Ray quality. Although burning one copy to DVD is permitted, the quality of the burned program is worse still: fuzzy, and at times very pixellated.

 Larry Cañenguez, 
Air Canada 767-300 (Blu-ray)

Loved this program! Captain Jim Adam makes you feel very welcomed. He did an outstanding job with the approach and landing into TNCM! The different camera views were really awesome too, especially the PilotCAM view! Watching the 767-300 shoot straight out of those rainclouds into an awing view of SXM with a rainbow made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, especially with the music! Very very cool!