Ethiopian 777-200LR & 767-300ER

Ethiopian 777-200LR & 767-300ER
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Year: 2012
Genre(s): Aviation , Airline , Travel , Documentary
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 252 minutes

Size (HD): 3.1 GB

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 US$ 30.00 HD Download, Unlimited Viewing, NO DVD Burn! (JP) (HD)


Our Ethiopian Airlines series continues with the 777-200LR. We start off with a roundtrip to Nigeria and feature a Captain who will present the aircraft to you inside and out with walkaround, cockpit presentation, Electronic Flight Bag etc...  We continue with a very scenic flight to Dubai and our 1st ever flight to Angola becoming the 167th country we've filmed!!  As a bonus we've included a flight out the 1st 767 with winglets in our series and you'll learn all the benefits of having these winglets installed, specially for flying out of Addis' high altitude airport.

+ Crew flight preparation at Flight Ops
+ Cockpit set-up
+ Cockpit Briefings, Checklists
+ Walkarounds of B777-200LR
+ Cockpit Presentation of B777
+ Features of Electronic Flight Bag
+ Training requirements to upgrade to B777
+ 1st flight in the series on a 767 with winglets!
+ Fuel savings with winglets
+ External action footage of B777 & B767
+ Cabin visit of 777-200LR
+ Inflight First Class service on 777
+ 1st flight to Luanda & Angola
+ Great scenery to Africa, Asia & Europe!

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