Iberia A340-300 & A340-600

Iberia A340-300 & A340-600
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Year: 2012
Genre(s): Documentary , Aviation , Airline , Cockpit
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 234 minutes

Size (HD): 6.1 GB

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Our 4th IBERIA program is the 1st to be released on Blu-ray and in addition to the fantastic High Definition quality we're delighted to have 5 cameras in the cockpit to bring you some fantastic angles for takeoffs and landings. Mexico City was picked as it is a very interesting route on Iberia's network and it also allowed us to feature the A340-600 for the outbound leg and the A340-300 for the return so as to see some of the differences between both types. You have a great crew to introduce you to this route and you'll be continually informed on the progress of the flight and technical aspects of the aircraft in general.

+ Use of 5 cameras in cockpit for great views of landings and takeoffs!
+ Tail camera filmed during takeoff & landing on A340-600 flight.
+ Presentation of Iberia Airport Service and Operations
+ Flight Dispatcher Presentation
+ Detailed pre-flight preparations including route, weather, etops, notams, fuel etc...
+ Aircraft external walkaround inspection
+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists
+ Departure & Arrival briefings with airport/runway charts
+ Captain/Instructor presents some aspects of flight
+ Great en route scenery
+ Cockpit Presentation
+ Differences between A340-300 and A340-600

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