SriLankan A320 & A330

SriLankan A320 & A330
  • (12)
Year: 2013
Genre(s): Aviation , Airline , Travel , Documentary
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 274 minutes
Size (HD): 3.5 GB

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We're delighted to welcome SriLankan to our series. You'll discover this great & friendly airline as you fly the Airbus A330 to Frankfurt, Bangkok, Hong Kong, the fantastic Maldives and the brand new airport in Mattala ; the A320 will take you to Singapore and you'll fly 4 legs on the SriLankan Air Taxi Twin Otter across Sri Lanka!

+ Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for fantastic views on takeoff & landing!
+ Preflight Preparations
+ Briefings & Checklists
+ Aircraft Walkaround + Depature & Arrival Airport Charts
+ Cabin service
+ Great scenery during approaches and en route in flight
+ First flight to the brand new Mattala International Airport in Sri Lanka.
+ Introduction of the WaterCAM video on the SriLankan Air Taxi flights!
+ Company Presentation by the COO
+ Colombo International Airport visit including runway action.

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 Jose Reis, Brazil, 
Really nice crew.....excellent movie!!

Ii is very interesting to me to know about different cultures and different crews around the world. That is something that Just Planes is unique! Sri Lanka's movie is excellent! The first pilot in command was very nice...introducing us to the pre-flight preparations of an international flight. Then, we were headed further to Male, such a unforgettable approach! And, it was very nice to noticed about the good "narrative" of the pilot to the FO who landed very well (it is very uncommon to see that). So, an excellent film of a expanding airline. See tou next!