Edelweiss A330 Phuket

Edelweiss A330 Phuket
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Year: 2014
Genre(s): Aviation, Airline, Travel
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 220 minutes
Size (HD): 4.4 GB

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 US$ 30.00 HD Download, Unlimited Viewing, NO DVD Burn! (JP) (HD)


We are delighted to welcome Edelweiss as the 250th airlines filmed in the World Air Routes/Flight in the Cockpit series! Edelweiss was founded in 1995 with one Douglas MD83 aircraft. Today the company operates a fleet of 7 Airbus A320/A330 aircraft to more than 50 vacation destinations around the world. The airline is part of the Lufthansa Group together with sister company Swiss International. Our roundtrip flight from Zurich to the resort island of Phuket is hosted by Edelweiss Deputy Head of Flight Operations, with his copilot they take you through the entire process from their flight preparations at the operations office to all the duties they perform on the aircraft for this trip. 

+ Cockpit filming using up to 5 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!
+ Flight Preparations
+ Cockpit Set-up 
+ Briefings & Checklists
+ External Walkaround
+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts
+ Cockpit Presentation 
+ Company Presentation 
+ Great scenery in each direction

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