Icelandair B757-200

Icelandair B757-200
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Year: 2014
Genre(s): Documentary
Studio(s): Just Planes
Director(s): Michel Moskal
Run Time: 268 minutes
Size (HD): 4.1 GB

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Exactly 10 years after visiting Icelandair for the first time we return to Keflavik for what is one of our best ever cockpit programs! So much has been gathered in the 4h30mins that its impossible to list everything but you will certainly enjoy some of the finest pilots in the industry along with a series of beautifully captured flights on some exciting routes from Iceland to North America & Europe! + Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!+ on ground at JFK! + Pilot Presentations + Flight Preparations + Cockpit Set-up + Boeing 757 with standard cockpit (JFK) and with new glass cockpit (ANC & FRA) + Pilot Briefings + Checklists + External Walkaround + Depature & Arrival Airport Charts + Cockpit Presentation + Etops flying + Polar flying + Fantastic Canarsie arrival into New York's JFK Airport runway 13 Left!! + Dramatic images of our air to air encouter with the Boston-Keflavik 757 over the Atlantic! + Midnight arrival into Iceland with great views of the midnight sun! + Amazing scenery on all flights, specially on polar flight to Alaska + Our Frankfurt Captain takes you on his private cessna for a beautiful flight over Iceland! 

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 Larry Cañenguez, 
Icelandair 757-200

This has to be my all time favorite Just Planes video (Blu-ray). I have watched it more than 50 times from start to finish, and never get bored of it. Love the cockpit presentation and the Canarsie arrival into JFK, runway 13L.

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