WAR : Oasis Hong Kong 747 "Training"

WAR : Oasis Hong Kong 747 "Training"
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Year: 2007
Genre(s): Aviation, Airline, Travel
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Michel Moskal
Run Time: 123 minutes
Size: 1.6 GB

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This 2 hour DVD offers you a very unique opportunity to join 6 pilots on a day of training, something otherwise only experienced by the pilots! Training is given by 2 ex-British Airways pilots!

The program starts in the briefing room at London's Gatwick Airport where the training Captain and his crew go over the plans of the day including a pilot flying the 747 for the very first time.

We then depart Gatwick bound for the Manston area where the aircraft will be circling for several hours. Once we reach the area each pilot starts his number of touch and go's which consist of flying the final approach to Manston Airport, landing and rotating right away without stopping followed by a big circle around the area and the next touch and go. Once all pilots are done we make a full landing.

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