WAR : Royal A310-300

WAR : Royal A310-300
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Year: 1997
Genre(s): Documentary , Travel , Aviation , Airline
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 90 minutes
Size: 1.33 GB

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Royal is a Canadian airline that operated from 1991 through 2001. Just Planes was not only lucky enough to capture Cockpit Films on most of its fleet, all classic aircraft, but was able to get some really nice routes to Florida, Las Vegas, Mexico and London!

After 6 years of service, Royal's Tristars were retired and replaced with a series of Airbus A310-300s. The aircraft were used mainly on long haul flights to Europe, just like in this program which takes you to London.

We meet our crew in the operations office where they go over the flight plan, weather, notams, fuel requirements, diversion points and more ; once we get to the aircraft we follow the walkaround inspection of our A310.

With thunderstorms in the area our aircraft performs a maximum takeoff weight departure from rwy 24R. During the flight Captain Sharp takes you through the cockpit and instrumentation and explains the twin engine over water operations known as ETOPS and we make a morning landing at London's Stansted airport

A310-300 C-GRYI ROY 744 YYZ-STN 6h48 YYZ Toronto, CANADA
STN London Stansted, UK
A310-300 C-GRYI ROY 745 STN-ACA 7h43 STN London Stansted, UK

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