WAR : Austrian 777-200

WAR : Austrian 777-200
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Year: 2007
Genre(s): Aviation, Airline, Travel
Studio(s): Just Planes Videos
Director(s): Michel Moskal
Run Time: 110 minutes
Size: 2.8 GB

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We welcome Austrian back to the series with our first Europe-Australia route. After an introduction at the flight ops in Vienna you'll board the 777 cockpit for the first leg to Kuala Lumpur.

During this 3.5 hour program you see 4 takeoffs & 4 landings in the cockpit. We follow the pilots on this 8 day trip as they perform their duties and brief you on the cockpit, instruments, flight planning, autoland as well as a virtual walkaround of the 777, departure & arrival briefings and a lot more.

Austrian has a chef on board for their Business Class and he as well as the purser invite you for a look at the airline's excellent inflight menu and service. During our layover we briefly visit Kuala Lumpur and Sydney Airport.

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