WORLD AIRPORT CLASSICS : Frankfurt (1999-2004)

WORLD AIRPORT CLASSICS : Frankfurt (1999-2004)
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Genre(s): Documentary
Studio(s): Just Planes
Run Time: 186 minutes
Size: 2.45 GB

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One of the most packed airport programs filmed during no less than 5 years at one of the busiest airports in Europe. You not only end up with an amazing 173 airlines and 526 aircraft but you're positioned at incredible locations near runways and taxiways for fantastic action footage including more than 320 takeoffs and landings.

Some of the items that have long gone include :
Aegean 737-400
Are Lingus 737-500
Aero Flight A320
Aero Lloyd A320/A321/MD80
Aerosweet 737-200
Air Adriatic MD80
Air Alfa A321
Air Algerie 737-200
Air Canada A340 & 747-400
Air France 737-500
Air Lanka A340
Armenian Airlines A310
ATA L1011
Balkan 737-500
Britannia 767
British Midland
Cirrus Airlines
Condor 757 & DC-10
Continental Airlines
Cronus Airlines 737-400
Delta Air Lines MD11
El Al 757
Emirates A300
Eurowings A319/ATR
Gemini Air Cargo MD11
Iberia MD87
Lan Chile A340
Lithuanian Airlines
LTU A320, A330, 757 & 767
Lufthansa 747-200
Lufthansa Cargo 747-200
Macedonian 737
Maersk 737
Malev 737
Northwest Airlines
Olympic 737
Qatar A300
Sabena A321 & 737
SAS DC9 & MD80
SATA 737
Snowflake 737
Sobelair 737
Spanair A320 & MD80
Swissair A320 & A330
Varig 767 & MD11
VIA Tu-154

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